Energy, Society and Place Research Unit

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham

Energy in GEES toolkit: Roundtables

Roundtables cab help the development of ideas, and the production a large number of responses to one or more questions. Thus, it is important how the question will be defined in order for more students to be able to give their answers. The students are seated around a table. A pen and paper is provided. One student starts the exercise by writing one response and says it out loud. The paper is passed to the next student who writes also a response and says it out loud. Students may say ‘pass’ at any time. The paper is passed in a circle clockwise until the end of the allocated time. At the end the students present the results of their work.

Example 1: How can we decrease our global/local/national energy consumption?

The aim of this question is to motivate students to think about the possibilities how to decrease the energy intensity of a given society.

Example 2: ‘Which energy services do we use on a daily basis?

This question aims to make the energy used on a daily basis ‘visible’. In this way students can think about and better understand the energy consumption patterns.

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