Energy, Society and Place Research Unit

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham


A comprehensive list of our publications can be found on our joint Google Scholar publication profile.

Anifowose B, Chapman L, Lawler D, van der Horst D (in press) Attacks on oil transport pipelines in Nigeria: A quantitative exploration and possible explanation of observed patterns. Applied Geography, forthcoming.

Anifowose B, Chapman L, Lawler D, van der Horst D (2011) Pipeline interdiction and bridging in Nigeria: Is a modification to the spatial connectivity matrix model required? Journal of Transport Geography 19: 179-184.

Bouzarovski S, Bassin M (2011) Bouzarovski S, Bassin M (2011) Energy and identity: Imagining nations through hydrocarbon flowsAnnals of the Association of American Geographers 101: 783-794.

Bouzarovski S, Konieczny M (2010) Landscapes of paradox: Public discourses and state policies in Poland’s relationship with the Nord Stream pipelineGeopolitics 15: 1-21.

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S, Sarlamanov S (2011) Energy poverty policies in the EU: A critical perspective. Energy Policy, available online.

Bouzarovski S, Salukvadze R, Gentile M (2011) A socially resilient urban transition? The contested landscapes of apartment building extensions in two post-communist citiesUrban Studies 48: 2689-2714.

Bouzarovski S, Sarlamanov R, Petrova S (2011) The Governance of Energy Poverty in Southeastern Europe. Brussels: French Institute for International Relations.

Bouzarovski S, Petrova S (2011) Can the urban public sphere in Eastern and Central Europe deliver participatory climate change protection? In: Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Brandenburg (2011) Participation in Urban Climate Protection: Answers of European Municipalities. Potsdam: Heinrich-Boell-Foundation Brandenburg 14-20.

Coleby A, van der Horst D, et al. (in press) Environmental Impact Assessment and ecosystems services: The case of energy crops the UK. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, forthcoming.

Day R, Hitchings R (2011) ‘Only old ladies would do that’: Age stigma and older people’s strategies for dealing with winter cold. Health & Place 17: 885-894.

Golubchikov O (in press) Climate Neutral Cities: How to Make Cities Less Energy and Carbon Intensive and More Resilient to Climatic Challenges, New York and Geneva: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe.

Golubchikov O (2009) Green Homes: Towards Energy Efficient Housing in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Region, New York and Geneva: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe.

Golubchikov O (2010) World-city-entrepreneurialism: globalist imaginaries, neoliberal geographies, and the production of new St PetersburgEnvironment and Planning A 42: 626-643.

Golubchikov O, Deda P (in press) ‘Governance, technology and equity: An integrated policy framework for energy efficient housing’, Energy Policy, DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2011.11.039.

Golubchikov O, Phelps N (2011) The political economy of place at the post-socialist urban periphery: Governing growth on the edge of MoscowTransactions of the Institute of British Geographers 36: 425-440.

Golubchikov O, UNECE (2011) Action Plan for Energy-Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region. New York and Geneva: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe. In English and Russian.

Hitchings R, Day R (in press) How older people relate to the private winter warmth practices of their peers and why we should be interestedEnvironment and Planning A 43: 2452-2467.

Lee P, Ferrari E (2010). Building Sustainable Housing Markets. Coventry: Chartered Institute of Housing Practice Studies.

Mulugetta Y, Jackson T, van der Horst D (2010). Carbon reduction at the community scale. Energy Policy 38: 7541-7545.

Nadai A, van der Horst D (2010). Introduction: Landscapes of energies. Landscape Research 35: 143-155.

Nadai A, van der Horst D (2010). Wind power planning, landscapes and publics. Land Use Policy 27: 181-184.

Poputoaia D, Bouzarovski S (2010) Regulating district heating in Romania: Legislative challenges and energy efficiency barriersEnergy Policy 38: 3820-3829.

Sýkora L, Bouzarovski S (2011) Multiple transformations: Conceptualising the post-communist urban transition. Urban Studies, DOI: 10.1177/0042098010397402.

Thornes J, Bloss W, Bouzarovski S, Cai X, Chapman L, Clark J, Dessai S, Du S, van der Horst D, Kendall M, Kidd C, Randalls C (2010) Communicating the value of atmospheric servicesMeteorological Applications 17: 243-250.

Trickett L, Lee P (2010). Leadership of ‘subregional’ places in the context of growthPolicy Studies 31: 429-440.

van der Horst D, Evans J (2010) Carbon claims and energy landscapes: Exploring the political ecology of biomass. Landscape Research 35: 173-193.

van der Horst D, Lozada-Ellison L. M. (2010) Landscape-energy conflicts: Seven myths and the need for adaptive and collaborative management. Nimbus 25/26: 231-251.

van der Horst D, Toke D (2010) Exploring the landscape of wind farm developments; Local area characteristics and planning process outcomes in rural England. Land Use Policy 27: 214-221.

van der Horst D, Vermeylen S (2011) Spatial scale and social impacts of biofuel production. Biomass and Bioenergy 35: 2435-2444.

van der Horst D (2011) Hägerstrand and payments for ecosystem services. Applied Geography 31: 668-676.

Walker G, Day R (in press) Fuel poverty as injustice: Integrating distribution, recognition and procedure in the struggle for affordable warmth. Energy Policy, forthcoming.


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