Energy, Society and Place Research Unit

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham


ESPRU includes several full-time academic members, research associates and numerous doctoral researchers.

Academic Staff:

Dr Lee Chapman, Senior Lecturer, GEES

Dr Rosie Day, Lecturer in Environment and Society, GEES

Dr Oleg Golubchikov, Lecturer in Urban Resilience, GEES

Dr Peter Lee, Senior Lecturer, GEES

Research Associates:

Professor Stefan Bouzarovski, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester. See Google Scholar citation profile.

Dr Saska Petrova, Lecturer, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester. See Google Scholar citation profile.

Doctoral Researchers:

Septin Puji Astuti (Indonesian Development Bank Scholar). Thesis topic: Energy poverty and mobility in Indonesia; supervised by Stefan Bouzarovski and Rosie Day

Saadatu Baba (Nigerian Government Scholar). Thesis topic: Adaptation to desertification in Northern Nigeria; supervised by Dan van der Horst

Hakeem Bakare. Supervised by John Walls and Dan van der Horst

Rosie Bullock (Hydrogen Doctoral Training Centre Scholar). Thesis topic: Uptake of fuel cells in houses;

Thom Davies (Centre for East European Language-Based Area Studies Scholar);

Miguel Torres Garcia. Thesis topic: Political ecologies/economies of the void in urban space;

Kurtulus Hatinoglu. Thesis topic: Geopolitics of gas in Turkey;

Yixin Li (Li Siguang Scholar). Thesis topic: Energy poverty and infrastructure access in China;

Jonna Nyman. Thesis topic: (Re)conceptualising energy security in US-China relations;

Tatiana Prieto-Lopez (funded by E-ON Central Networks). Thesis topic: Impact of urban heat islands on the life expectancy of distribution transformers;

Gareth Thomas (Hydrogen Doctoral Training Centre Scholar). Thesis topic: The political economy of hydrogen energy.

Charlie Tomlinson (CASE student with Birmingham City Council). Thesis topic: Urban heat islands and health; supervised by Lee Chapman

Komalirani Yenneti (Hills Scholar, College Overseas Scholar, GEES Scholar). Thesis topic: Unpacking low carbon interventions in India: the implementation gap in renewable energy and climate mitigation policies; supervised by Stefan Bouzarovski and Rosie Day. Check out Komalirani’s own blog!


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