Energy, Society and Place Research Unit

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham

ESPRU launches new wiki and booklet on energy teaching in geography, earth and environmental sciences

ESPRU has created a wiki titled ‘Energy teaching in GEES‘ as part of the InTreAct project. The wiki aims to become a focal point for the growing effort to consolidate, expand and transform undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning practices in geography, earth and environmental sciences (GEES) across the UK and beyond. We aim to create a community of higher education teachers interested in these activities, so as to exchange knowledge, open discussions and share syllabi learning practices and assessment approaches.

Accompanying the wiki is an online instructional booklet that aims to provide a resource for other academics within geography and environmental science seeking to develop their energy learning and teaching portfolios. The booklet contains a brief overview of some of the key approaches and methods that are currently being used to teach energy in GEES.

In the booklet, we highlight some of the main themes and questions that might be addressed in an undergraduate energy syllabus for geography or environmental science. We also emphasize how new energy technologies – and active learning in particular – can be used to support the learning process in GEES disciplines.


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