Energy, Society and Place Research Unit

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham

INTREACT HEA coffee clubs in May 2012: A short report and presentation slides

During May 2012, ESPRU organised three ‘coffee clubs’ as part of the INTREACT project funded by the Higher Education Academy.

The events were targeted at undergraduate students (particularly those in the second year, who would be likely to take the ‘Geographies of energy and capitalism‘ module in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences – or GEES – at the University of Birmingham) although all members of the public were invited to attend.

The clubs were aimed at:

1. Deepening students’ understandings of residential and business energy consumption;
2. Enriching educational experiences, chiefly by using a novel set of technologies;
3. Advancing student-staff interaction, by altering the nature and increasing the intensity of students’ contact with teaching staff;
4. Promoting innovative learning approaches involving problem solving and critical thinking, useful in the job market;
5. Assisting students in the preparation of their dissertations;
6. Enhancing students’ research skills and employability in the urban, energy and housing sector;
7. Raising awareness about the INTREACT project.

Each event lasted for approximately 2 hours, was attended by approximately 20 people, and included a range of researchers from different disciplines as participants, in addition to students.

Click on the relevant links below to access the presentation slides:

Club 1 (3rd May 2012): Built forms of Birmingham: Neighbourhood trajectories and residential environment legacies (Dr Peter Lee, GEES);

Club 2 (11th May 2012): Household energy behaviours and practices (Dr Rosie Day, GEES);

Club 3 (24th May 2012): Energy audits: Guidelines for students interested in active learning (Dr Stefan Bouzarovski, GEES).


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